How about lunch on us?  96 One The Wave and Pizza Ranch is bringing you "Business of the Month".  Be our Business of the Month and we'll provide pizza for your business staff.  To enter send an e-mail to with your company name and subject line "Business of the Month" That's all you have to do!  At the end of the month we'll let you know if you're our winner.  Then, you just call Pizza Ranch and let them know which pizzas to bring!!

Business of the 
Listen EVERY DAY Monday through Friday for us to announce the Business of the Day!  On a piece of paper, write down each day's Business of the Day. At the end of the month, turn in your list to us.  You can fax it 620-342-7617, email it to or postal mail it to P.O. Box 893 Emporia 66801.  You have until the third business day of the new month to submit your answers.  A winner will be drawn from the entries with the most correct answers.  You can win a $100 in cash!